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IDEA Dispute Resolution Parent Guides

Following OSEP's release of a Q&A on IDEA Part B Dispute Resolution in July 2013, CADRE was asked to create a set of companion resources for parents and families. In response, CADRE developed these four parent guides with the support of parent leaders from across the country:

The IEP Team Process: A Framework for Success

The IEP Team Process: A Framework for Success is a five part video series created and produced by ECAC, the Exceptional Children's Assistance Center, NC's Parent Training and Information Center.

Chapter 1 - IDEA and IEPs

Chapter 1 will introduce the Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA).

Watch Chapter 1 (4:20)

Chapter 2 - The IEP Team

In Chapter 2 you will meet the members of the IEP Team and learn about each of their important roles in the process of designing an effective IEP for your child.

Watch Chapter 2 (4:35)

Chapter 3 - What's Included in the IEP

In Chapter 3 the team will discuss your child's academic and functional strengths and needs in great detail. The IEP Team will use the information gathered to create a written Individualized Education Program (IEP) for your child.

Watch Chapter 3 (7:12)

Chapter 4 - Getting Ready for the IEP Meeting

In Chapter 4 you learn about getting ready for your child's IEP meeting. Being prepared for the IEP meeting is the best way to actively and effectively participate in planning your child's educational program.

Watch Chapter 4 (6:04)

Chapter 5 - The IEP Meeting

In Chapter 5, watch an IEP Team meeting in Progress. Meet the team members and go through the IEP process step by step.

Watch Chapter 5 (11:11)